Lost Days


Ubuntu Server Reboot Issues

So, I know it's been a long time.  I had recently run into an issue with my home Ubuntu 13.04 server.  Since it is headless, no monitor attached, I use SSH to connect to it remotely over my LAN and over the web.  Recently I'd been having issues with reboots.  Since I had started using Ubuntu, when I wanted to reboot in the terminal, I would type:

 sudo reboot now

The reason behind this, the command always wanted a TIME value.  The last couple of times I ran this, my server would drop into Single User Mode, root, instead of doing a full reboot.  After some Googling, I found this Launchpad link. It seems at some point, the requirement of the TIME value was removed for the reboot command.  The last message in the Launchpad bug report states that the shutdown command TIME argument is optional, but that's not doesn't appear to be true.  Here are the results:

example@hostname:~$ sudo shutdown -P
[sudo] password for example:
shutdown: time expected
Try `shutdown --help' for more information.
example@hostname:~$ sudo shutdown -r
shutdown: time expected
Try `shutdown --help' for more information.

So much for that.  But if you add the "now" option for the TIME argument, it will reboot without a hitch.  Thus, depending on if you like to/automatically add the TIME argument then use:

sudo shutdown -r now

Or you can use:

sudo reboot